After Action Assessment Hearing on the Frein Manhunt: Opportunity for Public Comment

The intensive manhunt for convicted trooper shooter Eric Frein demonstrated the patience and skill of the Pennsylvania State Police, our local first responders, municipal and county governments, and so many other individuals and groups who participated in the search.  It also displayed the resilience and fortitude of the many innocent residents and businesses who were affected by periodic lockdowns of roads, schools, activities and travel.

The Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee will hold a public hearing on June 15 in Pike County to explore improvements to state and local emergency response based on what was experienced during this massive pursuit. The After Action Assessment will focus on what was learned from this experience and whether there are additional issues that need to be addressed to help in future situations.

As part of this review, public comment will be entered into the record. If you were impacted by the manhunt or have observations, recommendations or other remarks regarding the search, please enter them into the form below and they will be submitted to the committee.

After Action Assessment Hearing